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Mechanical Coil Lifting Attachment

Standard capacity up to 16 tons
700mm-1500mm coil lifting range
Adjustment mechanism for different scaled coils
Balanced lifting
Surface contact protection pad
Stocking platform
Automatic locking mechanism that makes loads and unloads possible without human hand.
Mechanism that prevents arms to open while lifting

Sheet processing businesses use C hook. To make c hook to work properly it needs dead field more than its width. Moreover, it creates loss of stocking areas in the businesses. It can create serious problems for work safety if c hook is used with coils with different sizes since its very unbalanced process.


Works with impact
Works without touching
Patented product
Doesn’t need any maintenance except greasing

Our company got over these problems completely with our patented coil tong product. Attachment completely works with automatic lock mechanism and there is no risk of dropping the load. Automatic lock holds the arms open while there is no load in the attachment. While lifting it holds the load with the compression and prevents load to drop. We use polyamide materials in compressing and carrying edges to prevent damage while compressing the load. Wide protections pads make this attachment to be used in businesses that lifts fragile materials as well.

It can be only closed and opened by hook weight and scissor system. Since arms are narrow, it is sufficient to leave little space between the coils while stocking. Not only this product gives the possibility to stock more but also prevents damage to your products while loading and unloading. This product has CE certificate and we believe that our products will be essential to businesses in the future.